Support From An Experienced Dog Bite Attorney
Support From An Experienced Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Attorney

Support From An Experienced Dog Bite Attorney

Dogs are wonderful companions and most dog owners are extremely responsible people. Most owners are careful in training and socializing their dogs and keeping them under control and contained at all times.


However, when dogs run loose or when owners fail to train and control their animals, dog attacks can and do occur in and around the Marietta area. These can be very serious with extensive injuries, particularly if young children are the victims of the dog attack.


If you are a victim of a dog bite and the owner or the insurance company is not providing complete compensation for your injuries, lost wages and other damages, working with a dog bite attorney should be a priority.


Working With Our Animal Attack Lawyer

The Law Offices of Steven M. Barnett, P.C. have extensive experience in assisting victims of dog bites and attacks. To evaluate your claim, come in for a free initial consultation to discuss the factors of your case.


Under the laws in Georgia, a dog bite attorney has to prove several factors. This includes proving that the owner knew the dog had the potential to be vicious or dangerous, that the owner failed to control the dog and that the dog was not provoked into the attack by the victim.


As every case is unique, talking to an experienced dog bite attorney should always be your first step. In the Marietta area, call the Law Offices of Steven M. Barnett, P.C. at 770-415-8393 for your free consultation.


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